Announcing partnership with World Diabetes Foundation

12 Oct 2021

Excited to announce our partnership with World Diabetes Foundation in leveraging our behavioral machine learning expertise and platform towards developing a new digital solution, the Diabetes Compass.

Best paper award at KDD workshop DSHealth 2021

16 Aug 2021

Thrilled to have received the best paper award at the KDD conference in the DSHealth 2021 workshop for our work co-authored with Maternity Foundation.

Collaborating with Harvard University’s Statistical Reinforcement Learning Lab

27 Jul 2021

A researcher from the Lab is supporting our data science team on-site to research about reinforcement learning algorithms for mobile health applications.
(photo credit: YourPhotographer.Pro)

CEO's media interview about our ML platform and diverse team published

17 Jul 2021

In a media interview with the SINC Agency, our CEO explained how our machine learning platform - and diverse team structure - works to improve mobile health apps in resource-poor countries.
(photo credit: Álvaro Muñoz Guzmán)

Team member's data science journey featured by Zindi

14 Jul 2021

One of our team member's journey in improving and utilizing his data science skills is featured in an article by Zindi, which runs Africa's first data science competition platform.