Mikhail Belous

Machine Learning Engineer

Most recently, Mikhail was a technical team lead in Russia’s Higher School of Economics, working on key projects including the Large Hadron Collider, or LHC (recognized for the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2013) at CERN in Geneva. In that project, he acted as a GPU developer, focusing on muon stations data processing for a cluster of 500 GPUs, as well as creating a continuous deployment pipeline.

At the LHC, he also published two papers, focusing on accelerating data pipelines and algorithms for high energy physics.

Previously, he was a financial software developer with Bloomberg New Energy Finance, a strategic research provider to help global commodity markets utilize disruptive technologies to transit to a low-carbon economy. There, he implemented a continuous integration pipeline for web and ETL applications, and also developed microservices to automate the sales team’s operations and enhance productivity.

He graduated from Saint Petersburg State University with a Masters of Science in Software Development. He has also participated in numerous programming competitions, including winning 2nd place in the Intel Accelerate Contest in 2012. In his free time, he enjoys drawing oil paintings.