Orestis Zambounis

Machine Learning Engineer

Orestis holds a MSc in Robotics, Systems and Control from ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Part of his research was conducted at Imperial College London, where he focused on deep learning, computer vision and artificial intelligence.

During his master’s program, he co-founded a start-up that aimed to lower the cost of smartphones in low-income countries. Previously, Orestis graduated from ETH Zurich for his BSc in Mechanical Engineering, performing among the top 5% of his cohort. Upon graduation, he spent a year in Japan, programming drones for Rapyuta Robotics, a start-up for cloud robotic solutions.

Before joining benshi, Orestis freelanced as a full-stack developer and machine learning engineer while traveling the world. Orestis pulls his weight in sports, quite literally. He once tied for first place in a pull-up competition, to set Switzerland’s first official record. He also enjoys rock climbing and playing his tenor saxophone.