Rudy Corrales

HR & Administrative Assistant

Rudy recently worked as a program assistant with IE University in Madrid, where he supported the School of Human Science and Technology in logistical issues, such as in preparing immigration documents for new foreign students.

He was also previously an immigration case worker based in California with The International Rescue Committee, a major NGO that responds to humanitarian crises worldwide and helps resettle refugees into the US. There, he conducted immigration workshops, and also helped refugees from the Middle East, Africa, and Central America complete US immigration processes. Rudy’s interest in immigration issues stems from his background – he was born in US to parents who had emigrated from South America.

Rudy graduated with a BA in Global Studies (focusing on Latin American studies) from San Jose State University. While in university, he also completed an internship for an NGO, Urda Spain, where he was based in Beirut, Lebanon, teaching Spanish to children affected by the Syrian refugee crisis. He is currently learning Levantine Arabic.